Monday, April 28, 2014

Total denim looks....

I can imagine that every time you look inside your closet and your eye catches your favorite pair of jeans you are wondering how to wear them, how to match it or what accesorizes you should wear....! Well it's not that difficult, just pick a denim shirt and add some color and you are ready to go either to your work or either to take a walk and feel like a fashion icon. Trust me that's the way celebrities, fashion bloggers are teaching us....So take a look at these pictures and just copy their style. You'll think that it is too simple but I trust you ladies all it just needs is fantasy and I'm quite sure that you've got a lot of it....

Chiara Ferragni

I've got to thank my friends that gave me the idea to make this post today...They were quite an inspiration as you can see....!

And there is a picture of me with my total denim look!!!!

Thanks for reading.... Stay tuned more to come...
By Meni!

Sunday, April 27, 2014


It's me again..., Kate, just decided that I will not only post about places I've been here in London, fashion etc. but will also start sharing my thoughts.. I am sitting in my room in a flat in cloudy London and I am thinking about the past and everything I went through my life lately. I am also thinking about my last visit in Greece. I returned 6 days ago and I can say that I already miss Greece a lot!
I am wondering...
How do memories affect your life??
I visited Athens, the place I studied for 5 years, I walked in the city centre where I used to go out every night, I went to my cousin's place, my friend's neighbourhood.. How can I NOT miss the places where I spent too many happy moments....?
But in life some things have to end, in order for better things to come..
Even in love the same applies.. My question is, how can you be sure about that? What if you are afraid even of yourself and don't know or don't want to admit what you really want??

Below you can find some pictures from Greece.


Athens, Syntagma square


Sunset in Thessaloniki

Love from London,