Friday, March 28, 2014

Kids teaching us fashion and style...... Mothers and mothers to be have a look!

Kids.... They are growing increadibly fast don't you think! They change sizes in their clothes more often than we finish our face cream.! Ok that's not exactly true but we certainly must buy new clothes for them most of the times during the same season.....! Despite of that we have to make sure that we pay the same attention to their style as we do for ours even more sometimes, for a matter of fact.... So take a look at these pictures and you will see that these kids know very well what style means.
This post is dedicated to our friend Mary who recently became a mother... I wish I could shhow you some pictures of them together...Believe me they rock with all the meanings of the word.....!

So mommies and daddies of the world find time and dress your child with style with low budget and lots of acceessories....
P.S. Just a tip....He or she will thank you in the future when he looks photos of his childhood....!

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