Thursday, May 8, 2014

Hats everywhere......Let me pick my keys and my hat and here I come!

How many mornings did you stand in front of your mirrors and you wondered what is missing of my outfit?
Isn't it to simple? Isn't it not at all interesting? What more should I wear with it? Well ladies don't worry because there is a solution for every problem as we scientists say and the solution for that one is hats. Yes, you got that right :Hats. In any shape, in any color, it can convert every outfit of yours into chic and eccentric. And the most exciting thing is that you can wear them all year, in winter with your favorite coat, in summer with your unique swimsuit or even on your early jogging with your favorite pair of tracks... So, my dear followers this is my advice for today: put on your wishlist this accesorize and make it your next buy!!! Beieve me, you' ll definetely not regret this buy!
Chiara Ferragni

Combine it and make a perfect boho style as fashionblogger Jessie Chanes shows as

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By Meni!

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