Monday, August 18, 2014

Dysfyctional relationships

Hello to all of you!

It's Kate and this post is about dysfunctional relationships. I know... Such a huge topic to talk about and it really hurts.. But I think almost all of you have been in a position where you didn't know which one to follow, your heart or your logic? And yes... most of the times heart wins. However, most times there are some consequences in the long term. Good or bad, you are the only one to know..
On the other side, I know that sometimes you only need one smile or just one hug from the person you spent all these moments with. But you have to wonder, is it because you truly need it or because you used to need it?
It really hurts to know that you loved and you could continue loving a person more that anything in the world but for some reason it couldn't work due to some unresolved issues. And here comes the level of patience you show and the  desire to fight for that.

How far would you reach for someone you love?
And how do you define a relationship as "dysfunctional" ?
It is so hard to know when you have to move on or stay to fight for all the moments that you felt happy. But now, at that present moment are you happy and fine with yourself? Sometimes people can change, but some others they can't..

Finally, one song for all the times that we said "one more night" ...

Love from London,

Stay tuned, more "hot" topics to come..

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