Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Best summer in Greece!!!!

Preveli- Rethumno
We are counting already two days of September, but it is impossible to say goodbye to summer...! It becomes even more difficult when you have passed the best days of your life wandering around this sunny and beautiful country!!! Sun, sand, beaches, good company and I' ve just synthesized for you the perfect package to have the time of your life, like I did this summer.
First and best visit for me was in

Triopetra beach- Rethumno
Chania in Crete! There are no words to describe this place, you can only understand me when you decide to visit it by yourselves. I can only show you some photos I took with my phone and camera...One picture, a thousand words.... And not only Chania, but Rethumno is also a beautiful destination in Crete. It is only one hour away from Chania and it worths visiting two of the most beautiful beaches I've ever been on imy life....

Old Port- Chania

Balos- Chania

Memories have suddenly taken over my mind and I am having a hard time trying to concentrate on this post... And it wasn't only Crete of course! All summer isn't enough for all these wonderful places around in Greece. Another destination was Leukada in the Ionian sea! I didn't take lots of pictures there but I an sure that if you look on the internet there are a thousand of images to convince you to visit this island too! I've visited this place already three times and I'm quite sure that I am going there again next year, so I can enjoy those beautiful beaches and doing some crazy sea sports....:-)
My friend Lyk....paragliding!!
P.S. Yeah.... I didn't try that, maybe next year, or the year after that, or the year after the year after....:-)

Kathisma beach- Lefkada

Suvota- Lefkada
P.S Had the best fish soup at this place.....!
So, I can only say that there isn't a better place to visit in summer than Greece! It is without doubt for me the best vacations ever and the year passes easily having in my mind that there are only a few months that seperate me from my next summer in some place around Greece that is just waiting for me to discover it....!

These two photos are not mine, but they have so unique colors and thy are representing exactly what I am always dreaming about.... an island, me enjoying my coffee, seeing the sea and reflect deeply..... Summer 2015 please come quickly!!!
This post is dedicated to my friend Kate.....!

By Meni....!

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