Sunday, January 19, 2014

Brick lane market on a Sunday afternoon...

It's Sunday... Everyone deserves a rest from the week and a nice walk in London. So today I decided to go to Brick lane market in Shoreditch! Shoreditch is in East London. East London used to be a very dangerous area in the past but it turned into a centre of alternative and special way of entertainment and shopping.. You can find small bars in alleys with hipster and indie influences.. You can go for shopping in very special shops with handmade shoes or in shops from some very special upcoming desingers.. Every Sunday the Brick Lane market takes place there! You can find many vintage clothes and handmade jewellery. Handmade jewellery from designer Rebecca Gladstone ( ) stood out.You can clearly see the clean and strict lines in these jewelleries with materials in triangle shapes!  You don't need more to stand out from the crowd when you wear them, simple is the best! In Brick Lane market you can also find food and healthy juices from all over the world, Thailand, Japan, Brazilia and many more.. Something else that I really enjoyed is the variety of handbags that you can find there.. and all these in reasonable prices..
Have a look!

Love from London,

Fresh juice with orange, green apple and ginger

Rebecca Gladstone

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