Monday, January 20, 2014

When Athens visits Thessaloniki...........!

As you understood from the previous post, Mary has come to visit me for the weekend.... We had a great time. We went downtown in the centre of Thessaloniki for shopping, coffee, drinks and lots of other stuff. We got really tired but it was definetely worth it as you can see from the photos below. I enjoyed beig tourist in my city.And one thing is for sure.....Steal a weekend from your time and come spend it in Thessaloniki. You will relax and refill your battery and when you go for work on Monday it will be for sure so different. You can ask my friend Mary and I know for sure that she definetely had tha time of her life this weekend in Thessaloniki.....

Aristotelous square

Pr. Koromila street

White tower

Lavalbone Olympion


Lavalbone night......
By Meni!

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