Monday, January 27, 2014

Peeping outside fashion shows in Paris.......!

I am just sitting in front of my computer and stare of different pictures, taken outside fashion shows that were held in Paris this week. I couldn't resist so I stole some of them from , who takes incredible shots each time he stands outside fashion shows. He is really interested in famous names of the fashion world, such as Miroslava Duma, Anna Dello Russo and many more.... Take a look at his site and you will be transferes right away in the streets of Paris....
Miroslava Duma

Some models off duty after chanel show

Miroslava Duma and Natalia Alaverdian
Anna Dello Russo

Favourite Miroslava Duma
I really adore Miroslava Duma's style and I have in my plans making a post dedicated to her.... Stay tuned then because more is to come.......
By Meni!

Saturday, January 25, 2014


I love this place....Shops, restaurants,people ,who are always elegant make it something different...First station a shop you can find particularly bags ,shoes jewellery......Special jewerelly I, also,  found at plus+plus  and Bizermani shop..."Little Queen " is a shop that I always find what I want...and the head of store gives the best advices......................!!!
Time for coffee at Menta cafe....(romantic atmosphereor at Dalliance House in a neoclassical building.You must drink coctail....!!!It's really worth!!!





''Velvet skirt''(Little Queen)
''Little Queen''

''The expert" 


''The Dalliance House''

This is only the beggining...... Stay tuned ..... More about KIFISIA to come!

By Mary....!!!'s a classy, isn't it?

Earlier today I spoke to my friend Kate and she asked my opinion whether to buy or not a coat and if I had something in my mind to reccomend her. She lives in London and as you all understand it is an essential piece of clothing for her closet, don't you think? So as I was searching to find something to show to her I collected some of the "besties" that really tracked my attention.
A camel coat in my opinion is a classy and can be worn with anything.... Kim Kardashian combines her Max Mara weekend camel coat with an interesting pair of shoes, when some other ladies caught in the action from a streetsyle photographer have a different style opinion....
Streetsyle No2

Streetsyle No3

Kim Kardashian in her Max mara coat

 Of course trench coats were a lot of women's first choice this season....
Max Mara weekend
Max Mara weekend
Max Mara weeked
Miranda Kerr, on the other hand chose this classy Isabel Marant coat and impressed with her casual and chic style......
Miranda Kerr in her Isabel Marant coat
Of course there are alot of other options....

And there are always options that are cheaper and a lot of people can afford.... Zara dressed, dress and will dress us all with solutions for all pockets and with a good quality and style......

By Meni...

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

TED BAKER...Smells like London...

TED BAKER London.. Based on the name only, you can understand that TED BAKER is a pure English brand. It launches not only clothes for men and women but also handbags. Today I present you the new collection of handbags that I saw. They are very cute with very lively colours and flower prints!!! I can admit that holding one of the below handbags is a very cute and sweet fashion statement. Every day I see many girls in busy London holding one TED BAKER bag not only at work but also for a drink or a walk. So... enjoy!!

Love from London, 

Monday, January 20, 2014

When Athens visits Thessaloniki...........!

As you understood from the previous post, Mary has come to visit me for the weekend.... We had a great time. We went downtown in the centre of Thessaloniki for shopping, coffee, drinks and lots of other stuff. We got really tired but it was definetely worth it as you can see from the photos below. I enjoyed beig tourist in my city.And one thing is for sure.....Steal a weekend from your time and come spend it in Thessaloniki. You will relax and refill your battery and when you go for work on Monday it will be for sure so different. You can ask my friend Mary and I know for sure that she definetely had tha time of her life this weekend in Thessaloniki.....

Aristotelous square

Pr. Koromila street

White tower

Lavalbone Olympion


Lavalbone night......
By Meni!